The Kentucky Family Safety

The Kentucky Family Safety

The Kentucky Family Safety Web Site is for you, the consumer. From it, you can quickly and easily access state and federal agencies to alert them to unsafe, unsatisfactory, or illegal conditions. This one-stop web site lets you fill out complaint forms, tells you how to make formal complaints, and links you to agencies who can help you, without making you spend hours searching the Web for answers. You can also come to this site for valuable information about recalled products, license revocations, insurance agencies, and much more. So, whether you need to find information about local medical providers, alert the Consumer Product Safety Commission about an unsafe product, or report an oil spill you’ve come to the right place.

To get started, simply click on the proper safety issue. Take charge of your family’s safety with the Kentucky Family Safety Web Site.

Physician and Hospital Check-up

Families can now access Kentucky Physician and Hospital Closed Insurance Claims Reports to see if a doctor or hospital has been sued by multiple patients. This database will link you directly to copies of closed claims records collected from medical malpractice carriers by the Kentucky Department of Insurance.* These reports are required by law to be filed with the Department of Insurance.

*Disclaimer: The Kentucky Family Safety Foundation has provided a copy of these public records for the convenience of consumers. The Foundation cannot and does not attest to the accuracy or completeness of these closed claims reports. Consumers are urged to view this material as only a starting point for other diligent research.

Nursing Home Check-up

The above link will take you to a website where you can find detailed information about the quality of care provided in nursing homes.