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National Association of Insurance Commissioners– Allows consumers to contact their state’s insurance regulator, takes complaints, and answers questions.

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Get Insurance Answers from the Ombudsman

If you have questions or concerns about any type of insurance-related issue, the ombudsman will help you determine where you can go for help. In addition, the ombudsman acts as a citizen advocate by conveying the concerns and interests of insurance consumers to DOI policymakers.

Contact the ombudsman to learn more about the activities of the department as well as the services and informational materials provided by the Consumer Protection and Education Division.

Office of the Ombudsman

Paula Freeman

MAIL: P.O. Box 517 Frankfort KY 40602-0517

LOCATION: 320 West Main St., Frankfort, Ky.

PHONE: 502-564-5148 or toll free 1-800-595-6053

TTY line: 1-800-462-2081 for the deaf.

FAX: 502-564-5922


Auto Insurance

The Basics of Auto Insurance

Better Business Bureau’s Auto Insurance Page 
What to do in an accident, how to shop for car insurance, how to save money on insurance…

Definitions of Auto Insurance Terms 

How to File an Auto Insurance Claim 

Kentucky Automobile Insurance Plan
Provides automobile insurance coverage to eligible people who seek coverage and are unable to obtain such coverage through the voluntary market.

Health Insurance

Basics of Health Insurance 

Health Insurance Policy and Managed Care Division 

Health Insurance Consumer Guides
Summaries of health protection in each state

Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Information
From the Health Care Financing Administration, how to spot fraud and how to report it

Medicare’s Program Integrity
Health Care Financing Administration’s page that explains what Medicare fraud is, how to recognize it, and how to report it

Your Health Plan Online
A consumer information source that describes group health insurance plans. Provides a basic understanding of how group health insurance works and what benefits you may or may not be entitled to.

For Help with Insurance and Health Costs

Kentucky Access
A state-authorized program aimed at people with high-cost conditions who must buy their own health insurance.

Kentucky Cabinet for Health Services

Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program
Provides health coverage at no cost to qualifying children.

Kentucky Department of Medicaid Services

Medicare Services

Life Insurance

American Council of Life Insurance

Educates consumers regarding life insurance and retirement products, and financial planning.

Basics of Life Insurance 

DeathInsurance.Net Information Gateway

Information on universal, whole, burial, and term insurance

How to File a Life Insurance Claim 

Insurance Division of The KY Dept of Insurance

Property and Casualty Insurance

Homeowner’s Information

Property and Casualty Division of the KY Dept of Insurance 

Property and Casualty Information 

Daily news updates with searchable archives on property and casualty related subjects

File A Complaint

Kentucky Department of Insurance Online Complaint Form

Better Business Bureau Online Complaint System

How to File A Complaint-Instructions

Print a complaint form to fax or mail

Finding an Insurance Company

When shopping for an insurance provider check the following:

License Status: Verify that the company has a license to do business in Kentucky by going to

Financial Stability: If an insurer is licensed in Kentucky, it means they must meet certain financial standards. Also, you can check a company’s financial rating at:

A.M. Best Ratings 

Fitch Investor’s Service 

Moody’s Investor Service

Standard and Poor’s Insurance Credit Rating 

Policyholder Service: How is the product marketed to a consumer? Are the needs of the policyholder served by a local agent or by other means? How are claims resolved? It is the consumer’s right and responsibility to ask these questions when purchasing insurance.

Complaint ratio: The ratio measures the total number of justified complaints against every $1 million of premiums sold in Kentucky during a calendar year. For example, if a company has a ratio of 1.25, it means that the company had 1.25 justified complaints for every $1 million premium sold. If a company has a ratio of 0, then no complaints were filed against that company. Check complaint ratios at

Check for license of agents, adjustors, and administrators

Reporting Insurance Fraud

If you suspect your insurance company is guilty of criminal activity, report it.

Fraud Investigation Division of the KY Department of Insurance

502-564-1461 Insurance Fraud Investigation Division

800-554-8601 Workers’ Compensation Fraud Hotline

National Insurance Crime Bureau


Coalition Against Insurance Fraud

Medicaid Fraud and Abuse Information 

From the Health Care Financing Administration, how to spot fraud and how to report it

Medicare’s Program Integrity

Health Care Financing Administration’s page that explains what Medicare fraud is, how to recognize it, and how to report it

Other Links

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Consumer Protection and Education Division

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Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an independent, nonprofit, research and communications organization dedicated to reducing highway crash deaths, injuries, and property damage losses.

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Where to Fill Out a Claim

Phone numbers of major insurance companies where you can fill out a claim, or request a claim form.