Problems with Attorneys

Kentucky Bar Association
Investigates grievances against lawyers and prosecutes charges of professional misconduct.

File a Complaint 

Problems with Judges

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Complaint Form(or Click Herefor the Adobe PDF Version)
Print Form and Mail to:
James D. Lawson, Executive Secretary
Judicial Retirement & Removal Commission
P.O. Box 21868
Lexington, KY 40522-1868

Jury Questions/Complaints

Jefferson County – Jefferson Trial Courts
Jury Duty Questions 

Supreme Court of Kentucky
          This court hears appeals of decisions made in other state courts. 

Small Claims Court

If you need to sue for damages under $1,500 you can do it in Small Claims Court. Small Claims Court does not hold jury trials and uses simplified and informal procedures. This could save you money. If the amount in controversy is more than $250 and you want a jury trial, you should file with the District Civil Court instead.

Small Claims Court Forms 

If you have questions about Small Claims Court, you can call the Small Claims clerk at 502-595-4424.